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First Qualifier made in 2006 with Jabba in t&c

Scuba Qualified For the World and European Championship in 2011

Daughter Bonita Qualified for the World and European Championship in 2012 and 2013 in 3 Formats

Daughter Toffy Qualified for the

European and World Championship in 2017

Granddaughter Qualified in T&C for the European and the World Championship 2017




resulds 2013




Els & Jack

2th in the Advanced


FD & Obi

2th in the T&F

3th in the Quadruped


Maniacs Cup Qualifier


Els & Jack 7th

in the Advanced

Kris & Bonita 1ste

Super Open A Qualified for the WC in USA

Kris & Jack 2th

in T&F and Qualified for the WC in USA

Kris & Bonita 4th in T&F and Qualified for the WC in USA



Els & Jack 7th in Advaced


Kris & Bonita 1ste in Open Class








Floaters Cup

Kris & Kinky 5the in the T&F

FD & Obi 6ste in the Sarters

Els & Jack 2the in the Advanced

Kris & Bonita 1ste and a new record of 152.66 points in the Open Klass  

Australian Shepherd Je'Bonita of Brains and Beauty daughter of Scuba and Gilles , the best frisbee dog i breed and happy i can play whit her and get so good resulds !!










What is Dog Frisbee

There are so many dog sports available out there these days to enjoy working or playing with your dog. Some are more difficult, some more social. Some involve teams and in others the team is just the dog and his or her handler . Dog Frisbee sports is started in Belgium in 2004 that grows each year . The sport of dog frisbee is often referred to as dog disc sports to avoid trademark infringement as the 'Frisbee' is the original name of the disc put out by Whammo in the 1950's . The competition centers around the dog who can do the longest "toss and fetch", and can do all kinds of variations are now incorporated. "Freestyle" competition is another part of the sport in which athletic feats are performed . Dogs slip between the handler's legs, launch off of a knee to catch a thrown disc, flip into the air or do other impressive maneuvers in the process of catching a frisbee . Routines can create an exciting spectator sport and are done to music . Tossing the frisbee can be both fun and great exercise for handler and dog . Like other dog sports , it helps owner and dog bond , is a fun social opportunity and hones skills for human and dog alike . Playing dog frisbee can be as much an opportunity to compete with oneself as it is a competition against others . Most of the frisbee dog clubs follow the play rules of the organizations like the Unified Frisbee Dog Operations (UFO), Unite States Disc Dog Nationals (USDDN), and Skyhoundz among others, for freestyle and minidistance rules and regulations . In Belgium there are five active clubs where you are welkom to go and learn this amasins dog sport .